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Instantly connect with your audience through smooth and interactive two-way communication to meet your business targets

Two Way SMS and Solve

Strengthen business ties for success

What is Two-Way SMS and how can it solve your needs?

Uncover the cool world of Two-Way SMS with our amazing tools! It’s not just about talking to customers; it’s about having real chats. Our gateway is like a superpower to make friends and learn cool things. Make your business stand out with simple YES/NO questions and fun surveys. 

You can also set up SMS postbacks to send messages to your email, URL, or MXT web inbox easily. Feel the difference in customer chats and make smarter business moves with our super-fast Two-Way SMS gateway. Get ready to chat, learn, and make your business the coolest with interactive messaging!

Scale Your Business

Scale Your Business With Our Two-way SMS solution

Grow your business easily with our Two-way SMS solution. Talk to customers, get feedback, and build strong relationships. Our platform can change based on what your business needs, making communication super easy. Make things work better, make customers happier, and find new chances with our simple Two-way SMS solution. Grow your business without stress.

Trusted Two Way

UAE Trusted Two Way SMS Service Provider

Trust us for the best Two-Way SMS service in the UAE! We make talking to people easy and fast. Our platform is simple to use, helping businesses connect with customers. We’re here to make communication smooth, build trust, and make your brand strong in the UAE.

Receive and Reply to Text Messages

Stay connected with customers and friends, making communication simple and quick. Our platform ensures you never miss a message, providing a convenient way to keep the conversation going. Stay in touch effortlessly with our text messaging solution.

Send and receive lots of SMS messages quickly without any waiting

Access top-notch two-way messaging routes for quick and effective responses

See how Digitize Bird’s great two-way SMS service can quickly get you reliable replies from your contacts. Connect with them personally on a big scale by sending custom SMS messages and automated responses

Customer Support Queries

Text-in Competitions

Staff Rostering

One-on-one Lead Nurture

Appointment Confirmations

SMS Surveys

Mobile Two Way

Use the MXT Conversation Window to have a clear and complete view

Engage in text message conversations with the MXT SMS Gateway's Chat Interface

Utilize MXT’s newest conversational view for effortless two-way texting connections. Easily access the entire SMS history with any of your contacts in one convenient place. 

Dive into bulk messaging campaigns, personalized texts, and interactive two-way SMS using the innovative Conversation Window on MXT.

Two-way SMS chat window

One-on-One communication

Report and track SMS in real-time

View sent and received messages

High Quality solution for any industry or organization

If you’re owner of a big business or work for public organization, we create a solution that helps you achieve your important goals and makes your business successful







Advantages of Using Digitize Bird Two Way SMS

Our experts know a lot about making custom 2-way SMS solutions.

We provide complete 2-way SMS solutions that fit what our clients need.

We've done a great job delivering top-quality 2-way SMS solutions before.

We keep helping to make sure our clients' solutions work really well.

Our solutions have good prices, so our clients get a lot for their money.

Begin communicating with your customers through SMS immediately

Choose an SMS package that suits you, and start chatting with your customers to build strong relationships.