SMS Short Code Services In UAE

Use 1 way vanity or 2 way short codes for branded communication

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What are SMS Short Codes?

SMS short codes are specialized, abbreviated phone numbers typically used for sending and receiving text messages. These short codes are widely employed for various purposes, including marketing campaigns, promotions, and interactive communication with customers.

Unlike regular phone numbers, SMS short codes are specifically dedicated to certain applications, campaigns, or services. They serve as a powerful tool for businesses to establish direct communication channels with their customers, enabling them to send and receive targeted messages efficiently.

Commonly used for promotional campaigns, contests, surveys, and customer interactions, SMS short codes provide a convenient way for individuals to opt into services, receive information, or participate in interactive activities.

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SMS Short Codes Services UAE

Make your messages more powerful with Digitize Bird’s SMS Short Codes Services in the UAE. Our special services help businesses talk to people using short and easy-to-remember numbers.

Whether you want to tell people about your cool offers, run fun contests, or chat with customers, our SMS Short Codes Services are made just for you. We know how fast and direct talking is vital, and our services make sure you can reach people really quickly, creating more connections and making people like your brand.

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Promote Your Business Using SMS Short Codes

Boost your business outreach with Digitize Bird’s SMS Short Codes! We make promoting your brand super easy and effective.

Imagine having a special, short number that people can text to learn about your awesome deals or latest products. That’s what SMS Short Codes do – they help you talk directly to your customers through quick and snappy messages.

Benefits of Short Code SMS in UAE

Experience the power of SMS Short Codes with Digitize Bird and experience a range of benefits designed for your business in the UAE.

Brand Recognition

Reach your audience instantly with quick and direct communication

Targeted Marketing

Establish a memorable brand presence with a unique short code.

Enhanced Engagement

Encourage customer interaction through contests, polls, and promotions.

Instant Connectivity

Reach your audience instantly with quick and direct communication.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Optimize your marketing budget with cost-effective SMS Short Code campaigns.

Versatility in Campaigns

SMS Short Codes for various campaigns such as promotions, announcements.

Features of Our Short Code SMS Services

Dedicated Short Code

Elevate your brand identity with an exclusive short code, ensuring a memorable and distinctive presence in the minds of your audience.

Web-Based Control Panel

Effortlessly manage your campaigns in real-time through our user-friendly control panel, providing valuable insights and control at your fingertips.

Keyword-Based Short Code

Tailor your interactions with specific keywords, enabling personalized and targeted communication that resonates with your audience.

SMS Voting, SMS Quiz, SMS 2 Email

Engage your audience with interactive content, including voting, quizzes, and seamless email communication through SMS.

Mobile 2-Way SMS

Facilitate real-time communication and feedback, fostering enhanced customer satisfaction through direct two-way conversations.

Subscription Services

Build customer loyalty with subscription-based services, offering exclusive content and benefits to create lasting connections.

Frequently Asked Questions


2-Way Short Code SMS in the UAE facilitates interactive communication between businesses and their audience. Users can send messages to a designated short code, and businesses can respond, creating a two-way dialogue. This enables real-time engagement, such as voting, feedback, or customer support, fostering direct and meaningful communication.

What are short code services?

Short code services involve using specialized, abbreviated phone numbers for SMS communication. These codes are typically used for marketing campaigns, promotions, and interactive communication. Short code services enable businesses to send and receive text messages with their audience, engaging them in various activities such as contests, surveys, or informational alerts.

How can I receive short codes?

To receive short codes, users need to opt-in by texting a keyword to a designated short code. This process indicates their consent to receive messages from the business or service associated with that short code. Once opted in, users can receive promotional messages, alerts, or engage in interactive campaigns

Are short codes free?

Short codes are not typically free for end-users. Standard messaging rates apply when sending messages to or receiving messages from short codes. However, businesses may choose to subsidize these costs for users as part of their marketing strategy.

How much does a short code cost?

The cost of a short code can vary based on factors such as its type (dedicated or shared) and the country's regulations. Short codes usually involve setup fees and recurring monthly charges. Costs can be influenced by the provider and the level of service offered, with dedicated short codes generally incurring higher expenses than shared ones.

Can anyone get a short code?

While short codes are accessible to many businesses, obtaining one involves a vetting process to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards. The process may include an application, approval from the relevant authorities, and adherence to specific usage guidelines.

Can short codes be sent internationally?

Short codes are often specific to individual countries, and their use may be subject to local regulations. While some short codes may work internationally, businesses typically need to acquire separate short codes for different countries due to regulatory variations. Coordination with mobile carriers and compliance with each country's rules are essential for international short code usage.