Critical Information Summary

A Comprehensive Guide to SMS Delivery Services and Standards


Digitize Bird, a leading SMS service provider, offers a range of features and capabilities to ensure seamless SMS delivery for its customers. In this segment, we will look at how Digitize Bird delivers SMS, its service standards, network coverage, message delays, and other features available to its subscribers.

SMS Delivery Methods:

Digitize Bird provides customers with various methods to send SMS. Once an SMS is received, it is transmitted to the supplier network using the industry-standard protocol known as SMPP (Short Messaging Peer Protocol). From this point, the responsibility for ensuring timely delivery shifts to the supplier network, guaranteeing that the message reaches the end-user’s handset.

Service Standards:

Digitize Bird maintains high service standards to meet the diverse needs of its customers. The company is continually exploring new routes globally to enhance network coverage. Customers can check the coverage on the Digitize Bird website or contact account managers for the latest information. In case of message delays, the company monitors connections to the supplier network and takes responsibility for the efficiency of its systems. If an unreasonable delay occurs, customers can escalate the issue to the relevant supplier through the support team.

Dedicated Longcodes and Shortcodes:

Digitize Bird offers customers leasable phone numbers, subject to operator network availability. These numbers are solely maintained by the respective operators. The service includes access to the online web messaging platform (MXT), APIs, 24/7 email and phone support, the ability to send SMS and MMS, as well as access to consultants and development services.

Message Services:

Digitize Bird supports Short Message Service (SMS) for text messages and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) for sending pictures, photos, videos, audio clips, and voice recordings. While the company takes reasonable steps to deliver text messages, it doesn’t guarantee the delivery or image quality of media messages.

2-Way SMS:

Digitize Bird ensures that customer responses to SMS are routed to the appropriate accounts. In some cases, manual association may be required, and customers experiencing issues can contact support for assistance.

Bulk SMS via API:

The company provides various APIs (HTTP, SMPP) for users to send SMS from their platforms. Customers are responsible for charges incurred due to faults with platforms within their environment.

Incoming Keywords:

Digitize Bird allows users to set keywords that trigger specific actions, including sending additional chargeable SMS, as part of Campaigns and Dedicated Numbers.

Minimum Terms and Important Conditions:

Our basic plan requires no minimum commitment from prepaid users. Post-paid clients must commit to a minimum of 12 months.

Pricing Information:

Digitize Bird offers subscription plans for both prepaid and postpaid customers with different fees, rates per country, and charges for extra features. The Pricing Estimator on the website provides a guide to current SMS rates, with prices subject to change.

Contact Information:

Customers can contact Digitize Bird through email ( The full Complaints Handling Policy is available on the website.


Digitize Bird stands as a reliable SMS service provider, ensuring efficient delivery, comprehensive service features, and responsive customer support. As technology evolves, Digitize Bird continues to adapt to meet the communication needs of its diverse user base.